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Commercial Property Require Licensed Valuers In Sydney

Consequently, the European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate increases have concerned retailers. By raising the rate, the Bank has taken steps to guard against inflation. However, many of the key Eurozone economies are undergoing fragile recoveries and may struggle to achieve consumer spending growth if burdened by further rate rises. Consumer demand will also be heavily influenced by the strength of individual labor markets throughout 2006. for details visit

Despite the consumer spending slowdown witnessed in virtually all Western European markets, prime rental values have remained largely stable. Continuing high demand for prime pitches, coupled with minimal development, has assured stability and even modest rental growth in key prime markets.

Unemployment levels in Poland remain the highest in Europe at upwards of 17%. However, the employment market is improving and economic growth levels in the East are well above those of Western Europe, helping to attract international retailers. Rental levels have shown strong growth in both Prague and Warsaw.

A property valuation is considering a theoretical offer of the affiliation, so two vital issues need to be expectedly portrayed from the earliest starting point stage – 1) precisely what is being sold (respected), and 2) who is the in actuality purchaser.

Prime units in the Milan and Rome markets experienced rental growth in 2005 despite almost recessionary conditions. In the UK, difficult trading conditions have also not yet been reflected in the retail property market, which still offers the highest total returns over 3, 5 and 10 years. Even in Germany, which has been struggling with one of the worst performing consumer economies in Europe, the retail property sector has outperformed office and industrial property on a 3, 5 and 9-year basis.

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