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What trouble is to be generated in the process of TDS ?

The city says its my responsibility to move it, but the tree is rotted, so I think the city should move it. Carwile said he is not sure how much damage the tree caused, although he hasnt noticed any leakage inside the house. According to city policy, the city of Decatur is responsible for clearing away rotted trees on public right of way that fall due to acts of God. However, that policy applies only if the property owner informs city officials ahead of time that he suspects the tree in question is rotten.

Most of the people does not know for what purpose the process of TDS is to be used. People who are not well aware about the process of Depreciation Schedule Ato can do claim for the amount which is to be depriciated. Carwile said he did not know the tree was rotten until it fell. City workers did not say the tree was rotten when they trimmed it several months ago, he added. Mayor Lynn Fowler said this guideline appears to apply in Carwiles case.

Normally, if you have a tree on city right of way and its been reported as being rotten or subject to falling and we havent taken care of it, then its our responsibility, Fowler said. Secondly, if it hasnt been reported and an act of God caused the tree to fall, normally that person whose property it fell on will have his insurance company take care of it.

Due to unclear concept about the process of TDS many of the complex trouble is to be generated and which can create a negative impact in the mind of the people. The another main cause of trouble is non legal action which is to be taken off to avoid tax payment.Supervisors and workers with Decatur Public Works were unavailable for comment because they were busy clearing away other debris left over from the storm.

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